Repiński Transport

We are professional shipping company. We have over of fifteen years experience in transporting of different kind of goods. We offer our customers services of the local and the international transport. The main logistic base is located in Kościerzyna, 50 km from Gdańsk.

The best quality and the professionalism mean for us employing above average number of effort, the time and attention so that effects of our work in the highest possible rank meet expectations put before us. Therefore we are investing into the development of our employees competence and the best equipment.

Knowing how punctuality and safety are material for our customers, we determine the date your cargo arrive at destination as much precisely as we can, considering all possible difficulties on the road. Moreover, we invested in the modern equipment enabling the permanent contact with

Repinski Transport drivers and monitoring the cargo based on the satellite navigation system.

Environmental protection

We are the Company who care about environment.

In our operations we always remember about environment, that's why we have the most recent transport fleet to minimalize fuel consumption and emission of pollution.

Repinski transport drivers are participate in trainings about economic driving and reduction emission of pollution. All Repinski transport trucks satisfy European standards of emission of pollution.